The Inside Track

Customer focus and engagement has never been more central to our strategy. We recognise the importance of listening to and acting on our customers feedback and making sure that our products are not just fit for purpose, but truly world leading and future-proofed for the leisure industry’s strategic direction in the coming years.

We cannot do this without talking to our customers more and listening to their feedback, both positive and negative. By opening a dialogue, we hope to get a fuller picture of the environment our customers are operating in, their future plans and their day-to-day issues.  By truly understanding our customers wants and needs, we hope to be able to build the products that are absolutely the best in class.

The Gladstone Inside Track is a programme which encapsulates four elements of our continued focus on listening to our customers and using that knowledge to shape future products and services.

Market Growth Chart 2014-2018

Creating software for a longer, healthier life is at the heart of everything we do; we recognise that in order to do this successfully, we must listen to the voice of our hundreds of customers and act to show them we are the software provider of choice.  Join the Inside Track where everyone has a voice whether it's within the Community or as one of our top tier Alliance members - start influencing the future of your leisure management system.


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We welcome any and all customer feedback and we hope to spark conversations and discussion between our customers. By giving everyone the right to vote up and down individual suggestions, Gladstone will be able to begin acting on the issues that effect most of our customers, not just those that are easy to fix, or most convenient.

If you have a Gladstone Support user name and password, you can access the Gladstone Community today. Simply log on as usual and click on “community” at the top right hand of the screen.  Find a conversation you are interested in and comment or vote. Alternatively, you can “start new” and create your own forum topic. Others can then vote or comment on your post. 

Don't have a Customer Portal login? - get started here


Early Adopter Programme

"Success, it depends on you" Hand writing with black marker on transparent wipe boardThe EA programme is changing to fully engage our Early Adopters by improving communications between Gladstone and our amazing Early Adopters.  We hope to get more feedback, and a more rewarding experience for all. 

The revised EA programme will include defined managed services for customers if they are beta testing products.  Gladstone will expect customers to provide, public references (which maybe anonymous or named) together with case studies during the progression of their EA programme and any User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


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By invitation only
Alliance Partners

Alliance Partnership

The leisure industry is exciting, vibrant and full of change; those who grab the opportunity will emerge as long-term winners in the constant fight for customer time and attention.

At Gladstone, we are working hard to understand the challenges and opportunities facing our customers in order that we can build the best management software for now and the future. We are constantly scanning the market to examine trends and themes for the future.

Our market is growing, but the growth in new centres is outstripping the growth in revenue and new customers; this means that you have to do more to improve retention, gain new customers and save in costs. The Gladstone Alliance gives you a forum to openly discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry as a whole. 

  • Who are the Alliance Partners? The Alliance Partner programme is succinct and 'invitation only' group of representative customers throughout the product segments that we serve.  
  • How does the Alliance work? The Alliance is a forum of open discussion within a group of like-minded senior managers from the health and leisure industry in the UK.  As part of the Gladstone Alliance, we will share our industry knowledge and insights, alongside senior leadership and industry experts, members will also hear the opinions of peers and influencers.
  • When does the Alliance Meet? The Alliance meets quarterly to discuss and debate the strategic issues of the moment and keeps in touch throughout the year. This by-invitation, small group of customers helps to shape our direction far into the future, their focus is long term, not tactical. We will aim to have an interesting day full of lively debates and thought provoking presentations, thereafter, we will keep in touch with progress and insights; Gladstone Alliance members will have unique access to the product team and road map, as well as access to our latest developments before the early adopters.  
  • Managing the discussions - Chief Execs and Senior Managers attend these meeting to engage in high level conversation with industry peers. Any information disclosed within the Alliance is accordance to the Chatham House Rule.
    The Chatham House Rule reads as follows: When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Product Management

The recently created product team lies between our research and development and our commercial divisions. With a mix of product owners, and product managers, their remit is to put our customers at the heart of everything that we do.

The product team is tasked with visiting customers, with improving customer representations throughout the business and most of all, to ensure that Gladstone builds the best product to suite our customers.

If you would like to talk a Product Manager feel free to get in touch.